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Ok, my name is Jonathan Yang. I just finished four years at the University of Michigan: Ann Arbor (although I'm not done yet to be painfully honest). I have been in New York City since July-ish, looking for a career path. At Michigan, I was a philosophy major so that didn't directly translate into anything career-wise. My interests sort of divulged into the world of entertainment, as far as films and production. I also have varied career interests in marketing and business and in graphic design. To put it another way, I'm lost.

But anyway…I was born in Taiwan and came over to the US when I was seven. So yes, I'm a FOB but I'm quite proud of it. I went to kindergarden twice because for some reason when we left Taiwan I was in the middle of first grade but here I was only in kindergarden. Yet I'm still young for my class. I think it's because in Taiwan you start school earlier, or you gain a year to your age because of the lunar calender or something like that. I've never had that double kindergarden phenomenon adequately explained to me. My first and thereafter oft-repeated English phrase was, "Can you tie my shoe?" I was a bright kid, I know. Not smart enough to tie my shoes at five but intelligent enough to get someone else to do it. Which actually in retrospect is worthy of even greater admiration.

My parents are of Chinese descent, my dad was born in China but when the Communists came his family went over to Taiwan. My mom was born in Taiwan and grew up there. This makes me Chinese I suppose but I had always assumed that since I was born there, I was sort of Taiwanese too. I never learned to speak Taiwanese (only Mandarin) because my parents wouldn't teach it to us so they could talk about us with reckless abandon while we were in the room.

And when I say "we" and "us," I am referring to my sister, who happens to share my birthday (September 7, 1978), making us twins. I'm a tad older, even though two minutes was hardly enough time to get me the respect and admiration I rightfully deserved from George (My sister's name is George. My parents were expecting two boys and were shocked to discover that there was only one prodigal son. They were too lazy to come up with another name and too soft hearted to leave her behind). Anyhow, the doctors said George was supposed to come out first but somewhere along the way I beat her to it and luckily won the coveted older sibling role. Who knows what life would have been like being lorded over by an older bossy sister? (Probably much like being lorded over by a younger bossy sister I would assume.)