Sunday, August 11 
i've got a new cell phone number, a new blog, a new e-mail address but sadly, no brand new bag. i'm thinking of painting my fingernails white though. so maybe that will make life more exciting. inner life. it's been great. i'm audi.

[ 4:54 PM ]
Saturday, August 10 
i'm switching blogs. this blog will lie here. at blogspot. forever. it's kind of neat to look back over the past year and to be able to get a glimpse of what i was doing, or what i was thinking at any point. this is the closest thing to a journal i've ever had. even if it's just documentation of what i did every day. the nice thing is that it's preserved until the end of time. or until the internet dies. i could save it all of course. and copy it. or burn it onto a CD. but i'm not a complete dork. i'm willing to let my words live electronically. free as god intended them to be.

i've been sitting on the other blog site for awhile but then ameer showed me how to do archives when not posting to blogspot. and so. inner life's fate was sealed. moving onto my own domain where there will be no more blogspot ads? gorgeous. beautiful. delectable. so yes. anachronic. come to me.

[ 3:17 PM ]
Thursday, August 8 
manhattan is beautiful when you fly in. all neat and organized. gridded and partitioned off perfectly and symmetrically. twinkling lights everywhere. if you are high enough you can see the entire eight mile strip lit up. sam said that new york is relatively dark on sunday nights. when some of the city lights actually get a night off. i wonder what that would look like. one of the things i miss about the city is how everything is open all the time. new york is also kind of fun in the summer. despite the sweltering heat. i probably can't complain much about the heat because i was lucky enough to only have to ride on the subway once (thanks sam and brian) so the heat wasn't terrible. sleeping in until noon or two helped too. the last two days i was there, the skies were perfectly pale blue and the clouds were plastic.

as always, new york was filled with friends, food and fun. and deep dark talks. and lounges. but no clubs this time around. thank goodness. i'm all clubbed out. i like the lounges though. i didn't eat at any of the usual places. no hot dogs. no republic. no sushi. very odd. but that meant we had a smorgasbord of mcdonald's fajitas, mexican corn, puerto rican chicken, amaretto cheesecake, falafel, and who knows what else. i miss street vendor peanuts.

amit had his moving out party on saturday. and then five of us had his moving in party on monday. which consisted of me and babbs being jammed in with the furniture while sam, vivian and amit rode up front, careening from 55th to 112th, hitting every pothole on the way. amit rented the most bootylicious moving van ever. everything was falling apart. we could see the brake lights click on and off from inside the van. and let's not get into the steering gauges and implements. which were missing, detached or wiggling around with reckless abandon.

babbs did his poetry thing at a little bit louder. and got mad love. as he always does. some of the other poets weren't so good. at least in my humble opinion. but it was an open mic so that's to be expected. i'm sick of love poems. just because it happens to you doesn't mean that it's the most important thing in the universe. and sex poems? unless it's good. stop it. then again, i'm discounting the courage of these people, who get up in front of a roomful of raucous people and open themselves up. that's deserving of a clap or two. or one.

i miss having too many people around. i miss wondering where we're gonna eat because we have fifteen people. i miss parties to go. i miss making stupid memories just by being. i don't think i stayed long enough. but i never do. think. that i'm staying long enough. thanks caroline and leslie for parking and actually coming into the airport to send me off. who does that anymore? usually it's just a drop off and a quick whatever and a goodbye. caroline, you're swell!

[ 10:36 PM ]
Tuesday, August 6 
it's in the cards. i've never been whupped so hard at anything i expect to be decent at. i've never full on played spades before. i've seen it a few times. but still. i was terrible. babbs and leslie doubled us. us is me and sam. but mostly, it was me (i made some bonehead plays and i think sam wanted to kill me. thanks for not killing me sam). course we were getting the worst cards ever but can bad luck account for everything? maybe. actually, in this case, i'm 90% convinced we just had terrible karma. but enduring a few hours of super losing was a new experience. i don't think i've ever lost so consistently at something. losing again and again. rinse and repeat. i felt helpless and almost dumb. but then the super ego returned and life righted itself. and then we proceeded to get creamed by babbs and les again, in some romanian card game. i'm never going to vegas. i'm bad luck. either that or i just straight suck. let's go with the bad luck option. it smells better.

[ 8:56 PM ]
Thursday, August 1 
off to new york. be back in a week. yip.

[ 12:27 AM ]