oh nine oh seven. seventy eight. year of the horse. month of the virgo. tall enough to get on rides. light enough to run away. fast. jon is probably the most boring name in the world (except for possibly david or mike) so i've had to make do knowing that at least i'm a jonathan. i have no real nicknames so i have to pretend:
apollo, for a misinterpreted middle name. flick, ever tried to lick a pole in winter? j-easy, to sam sneed. penny, cuz all i did in high school basketball was pass. icarus, flying wax sun, you get it. tin man, i need a heart. OF, just because.

born in taiwan. lived in san diego from age seven till college. innocent bliss. university of michigan in four. but no degree yet. moved to new york to find a direction. didn't happen. back to san diego because of father passing away. now trapezing the globe in order to gain worldwide acceptance in the vaunted woodwinds industry.

prime time update. jan04. the flute dream is over. i am now embarking on the edifying journey that is the eight to five. i see a light at the end of the tunnel but that may just be the glare reflected off the beauty that is lunch hour. hang in there college kids, there is a shit job waiting for you when you finish.

lunch time update. apr05. you can have the job you always dreamed of, and it may not be as fun or as fulfilling as you thought it would be. in my case, it's the video game industry, which has chewed me up and will hopefully spit me out. so, one dream job crossed of the list, next?

working hard towards keeping the laziest man on earth label. able to do nothing productive for extended periods of time. peter pan reincarnated. philosopher, almost. asian magazine worker, almost. film editor, almost. real job, almost. dreamer, always. currently stepping off the path barely tread to embark on a journey of flute manufacturing and distribution with an eye towards eventual overtaking of the world by any means possible.

[what i want in a her]
self reliant. likes to read. alot. says interesting things. makes my mind expand. confident. knows the difference between a good movie and a bad movie. into hip hop. able to think independently. gives me space. respect. faith in us. acceptance of me. appreciation of my values. dances. snowboards. unwillingness to compromise her ideals. knows her ideals. entrancing hair. aware of the world. curious. sarcastic. humourous. makes the sun shine brighter. plays video games. pop culture aficianado. unrestrained. more than meets the eye.

[quote to live for]
and i believe pinky and the brain are revolutionaries
because they try to take over the world- every night
like them, i believe there will always be something to fight for
-staceyann chin-

[quote to live by]
there's no secret handshake. there's an iQ prerequisite, but there's no secret handshake.
-reality bites-

[secret ambition]
to be a poet philosopher. part time. to be mad rich. part time. to be a magic the gathering pro player. full time.

[places i've been to and forgotten all about but i have pictures]
taiwan. china. france. england. scotland. germany. switzerland. italy. austria. spain. canada. mexico. hawaii. japan. hong kong. bahamas.

[places i would go back to again]

[great words]
dope. swish. oxymoron. theoretically speaking. wicked. beleaguered. buttons. jujubees. loo. bumptious. booty-centric. shenanigans.

[bursting with fruit flavor]
white. orange. asian yellow. strawberry milk. tapioca pudding. jamongous. time travel. febreze. swiffer. mr bubbles. personal hygiene. being tan. boogie boarding. people with opinions. people who don't give a shit. the anticipation and build-up before an event. that moment when everything looks fuzzy and distant. deja vu. passions. learning new things. chinese hearts (goun zhou). scrabble. trivial pursuit. x-men monopoly. clue. mafia. fmk. ikea. sushi. pasta. a bite of this and a bite of that. jazz. john f kennedy. poking into people's point of catharsis. slam poetry. marvel comics. green peppers. carne asadas. books that make you reflect on people. being a guy. reminiscing. respect. salvador dali. dali�s hallucionegenic toreador. antonio gaudi. nokia phone covers. analogies. metaphors. religious discussion. wits. logic. reason. earnest appreciation and thanks. comparing. contrasting. kimchee. skittles. bowling shoes. the sound of a swish. the minute between darkness and sunrise. coffee. chai. platypus. parliaments. camel turkish golds. smoking conversations. hookahs. cloves. peanut butter. honey mustard. funions. superheroes. edward norton. calico cats. people who rock at the piano. email. remixes. atlanta falcons. boston celtics. snowboarding. denny's. pt cruiser. retro. footwear. chess. magic the gathering. electronic gadjets. polaroid i-zone. google. the new tetris. woodchuck pear cider. rainbow colored boba. cold showers after hot activities.

plaid. people who front. rap rock. kid rock. 80s music. when people pretend they know what they're talking about when clearly they don't. judgemental people. close minded people. people. erratic drivers. trees that jump into the road. austin powers. getting old. rude bodily functions done for sport. mildew. stenches. people who don't bother to grow. self-esteem bashing. being alone. waking up early. cold jeans in winter. small cramped spaces. heights. roller coasters. mud. animal excrement. baseball. cream soda. pickles. olives. vinegar. eggplant. why me's. being too polite. being the center of attention. uncomfortable silences. mingling. bullshit. talking in class. insecurity compensation in any form. unreasonable drunks (redundant i know). what freddy prinze jr represents. regrets. basketball games where nobody is serious. organized religion. indecision. public speaking. nagging. attachments. using one's powers for evil. cheezy junk food. veal. tequila. guys who are just guys. girly girls. genericism. marlboros. drugs. anal retentiveness. dr mario. bugs. spiders. extreme heat. baby talk. low brow movies. ankle nylons paired with sandals.

gangstarr. a tribe called quest. lucy pearl. macy gray. jewel. alanis morrisette. mos def. jurassic 5. common. mountain brothers. missy elliot. lauryn hill. jill scott. bahamadia. natalie merchant. nelly furtado. tupac. biggie. dre. snoop. outkast. erykah badu. roots. rahzel. black eyed peas. slick rick. sublime. nirvana. wyclef. de la soul. talib kweli. pharcyde. two tongues. pm dawn. d'angelo. ani difranco. jazzmatazz. digable planets. musiq soulchild. les nubians. dj premier. rakim. jars of clay. raphael saadiq. cee-lo green. norah jones. jaguar wright.

afterparty (koffee brown). the light (common). juicy (biggie). joints and jams (black eyed peas). the 'notic (roots f/ d'angelo). dance tonight prizefighter remix (lucy pearl). under the bridge (red hot chili peppers). it's not easy (five for fighting). secret garden (bruce springsteen). pooh corner (kenny loggins). summertime in the lbc (dove shack). got till it's gone (janet f. Qtip). moment of truth (gangstarr). mona lisa (wyclef). ohm (saul williams). what you thought hops (typical cats). drops of jupiter (train). wherever you will go (the calling). everything (lifehouse). the freshmen (verve pipe). hard to say i'm sorry (az yet). vivrant thing (Qtip). watch out now (beatnuts). tell him (lauryn hill). head over feet (alanis). worlds apart (jars of clay). freakshow (ani difranco). h to the izzo (jay z unplugged). in due time (outkast). africa dream (talib kweli). mellow my man (the roots). all that i am (bilal). someone to call my lover (janet). rock with you (brandy & heavy d). 8 minutes to sunrise (common f/ jill scott). norah jones (don't know why). frontin' (pharrell). just to get by (talib kweli). make you feel that way (blackalicious). hush (ll cool j).

[mind over matter]
friends. seinfeld. frasier. smallville. survivor. real world. nfl films. my so called life. pinky and the brain. animaniacs. gilligan's island. daria. cribs. iron chef. crocodile hunter. animal planet. sopranos. x-files. ally mcbeal. my so-called life. simpsons. johnny bravo. sex n the city. osbournes. punk'd. felicity. freaks and geeks.

[two thumbs up]
reality bites. swingers. pulp fiction. jerry maguire. crouching tiger hidden dragon. the professional. la confidential. 12 monkeys. reservoir dogs. clerks. beautiful girls. princess mononoke. go. ghost dog. memento. last of the mohicans. searching for bobby fischer. wizard of oz. slamNation. fight club. run lola run. dogma. ten things i hate about you. full metal jacket. before sunrise. silence of the lambs. ghost world. matrix. any christopher guest flick. x-men 2. boondock saints. whale rider. kill bills. lost in translation. american splendor. finding neverland.

[shallow moment]
watching across the river as the WTC towers crumble thinking only "i really need a cigarette."

trying to go buy that cigarette and realizing there's twenty people lined up outside the store all slapping down fivers for cigarettes.

[subvert the paradigm]
men differ in their virtues, if any, but they are alike in their vices. i am serving that which exists on this earth in greatest quantity. i am representing the majority- surely an act of virtue?
-the fountainhead-

[read something]
atlas shrugged (ayn rand). fountainhead (ayn rand). contact (carl sagan). wicked (gregory maguire). ender's game (orson scott card). timeline (michael crichton). godfather (mario puzo). watching the tree (adelaine yen mah). high fidelity (nick hornby). poetry slam (gary glazner). vibe history of hip hop (alan light). 100 days of solitude (gabriel garcia marquez). death of a salesman (arthur miller). a heartbreaking work of staggering genius (david eggers). the unbearable lightness of being (milan kundera). six memos for the new millenium (italo calvino). listen up! (zoe anglesey). she (saul williams). alice's adventures in wonderland (lewis carroll). black skin, white masks (frantz fanon). the rolling stone: book of the beats (holly george-warren). la confidential (james ellroy). the brothers karamazov (fyodor dostoevsky). fast food nation (eric schlosser). sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs (chuck klosterman). life of pi (yann martel). immortality (milan kundera).