[BLOG-ELOT] camelot. get it? ok, shoot me.
this is it, the round table of the blog kingdom. dedicated to those who are mostly exempt from the rankings. these are the cream of the crop, the heavy hitters who have paved the way for dozens--possibly millions--of bloggers everywhere. not just anyone can become blog royalty (not that you shouldn't keep on blogging however). it takes dedication, months of sweaty blogging, awareness of social and personal issues, and in some cases, extreme angst. in the never ending battle for blogger world domination, these folks are on the front lines duking it out everyday. if i had any money, i would give each one of them a medal. but i don't have any money. all i can offer is pokemon complete: chewable daily vitamins. come get them. they're at my house. on my desk....


grand wizard gregory [2.2001] is my source for technical expertise. he knows what XHTML and PHP is. i don't. he emails me co
de. he has a very cool rotating picture image on his page. he made his own comment box. an original blogger and co-creator (along with louis) of wilmot girls. despite some lapses in blog continuity, without his contributions, blogville would be a mess of weird and erroneous coding. and lest we forget, gregory has "contributed numerous long and fascinating (or boring depending on who you ask) blog entries" to the world. you've had your vacation greg, never again. back to work.

drisilla [6.2001] is the feisty queen of blogville. with entries that go on for pages and thoughts that go on for days. her posts are as long as she is short. back in her humble blog beginnings, drisilla was a boy slayer. now she's provocatively pink. and nice. or so we've heard. long live god, life and buffy.

with their dedication to the craft of blogging, these three dames have been the feminine counterpoint for all things blog. mun-fung [6.2001] was the first wilmot girl to break off and go for a solo blogger career. like justin timberlake, she realized she really needed to get away from "the other four." still in the midst of a very successful solo run, mun-fung has become a powerful force for blogger conversion. she is active in the blog community and tries to help those who are blogger homeless.

her fellow wilmot girl alumni, serenity [7.2001], is the beautiful royal comment whore. she only seems like she would do anything for comments. but she has limits people. i think. either way, her angry outbursts and rants and raves are just dying for commentary so it's pretty hard to not respond to her. plus, serenity apparently has a whole stable of rabid stalkers and disgruntled underlings. serenity is entrenched in blogger history because at one point, she had three bloggers and one xanga page going. plus, she was jobless, always a nice prerequisite for heavy blogging.

the nanaba [8/2001] once had this to say on her blog, "i might spend the whole day sleeping." *clap*clap* anyone who is thinking about sleeping the whole day but then goes to the computer to blog about sleeping?!? that's our definition of a blogger superheroine. people need to know what's going on and anna certainly knows what's going on. she's had her hand in a number of important blog conversions and is always on the look out for more blogging potentials. aren't you anna?

silence screams [7/2001] and linear complex [11/2001]. what a mighty commenting force these two are. dropping a-boogies and dpmas on empty comment boxes everywhere. these two spread blogger love--which is actually better than real love if you think about it. learn to do as they do.

amit has been blogging and commenting away for a long time now. ever since he moved to new york, we've been fortunate enough to follow him all the way from his humble beginnings as houseguest of avalon to current lord and leader of columbia law. the silently screaming one has also created two excellent auxiliary blogs, archetypical and my favorites.

the linearly complex one took a fourteen day fast from blogging in july 2002. in his own words, "i have decided that for 14 days i'm going to fast the one thing that occupies any of my time outside of work or dance. and that is blogging." here is the power of blog people. dance, work, blog. that's how life should always be. maybe without the work part but hey. far far away in hong kong, dpma is making the blog kingdom international and has been known to surf the net reading random strangers' blogs. what's not to love?

court jester, bard and village drunkard. daggG8 [8/2001] is royal like the tenenbaums. armed with his trusty digital camera, daggG8 provides insight and commentary from queens, new york. his title is tainted of course, because daggG8 uses xanga, that great bastion of evil, but one small detail can be overlooked.

smelly kat [4/2002] is easily the newest blogging member on this list but in a few short months, she's jump started a blog cult of her very own. a list of the blogs she belongs to would numb the mind. but hey, we're brave, we'll try anyway. aside from contributing daily to smelly kat, there is regent gals, tru and immanuel, and possibly others that we may not know about. the fairy tale of smelly kat gives hope to all young potential bloggers out there: with dedication and hard work, anyone can rise to blogging superstardom! isn't that something? i love america!

these two aren't quite royalists but they have to be mentioned because it was -oO7- who started this whole blog thing. well, for me anyway. oh, how fondly i recall his first blogger, complete with little puffer fish and all. let us hope that the prodigal one returns to his neglected blogger. in other abdication news, pogiboy tends to spring back and forth between the real world and the blog-iverse but he makes this list because he has made an indelible imprint on blogville. single handedly, he created the best cartoon EVER invitational tourney, which is just about the greatest thing since sliced bread. no one individual has impacted blogging quite like this. for weeks, pogiboy had people frantically running to nearby computers, checking out results from the latest games. we commend you pogiboy. blog on. please?

seven of nine blog royalists are religious--specifically, christians. what does this mean? it means that possibly, quite possibly, god may want you to blog. yes! it's true! without turning coincidence into miracle (or water into wine), it seems as if blogging is good for the soul. it's certainly easier than walking on water or parting the red sea!

blog because it's good for you. blog because there's a very slim chance it's ordained by higher powers. blog, because you need to. blog, because it's your voice. blog, because you don't want to be on the toilet when the pinata pops. a blog-volution is astir. go forth and comment, on strangers blogs even. and if you already own a blog, blog like no one's watching. whatever that means.