Saturday, June 30 
Today was definitely a good day. Picked up Amit at the airport around noon-ish and then proceeded to get some lunch at Johnny Rockets. Right after that we went to go check out his apartment in the city which was really really nice. There's a nice vibe going through his apartment. Very airy, with wooden floors and a neat spiral staircase that winds down. It's all empty now but i'm very curious to see what it'll look like when fully decorated. From there we grabbed a few other people and ended up eating dinner at a Malaysian place in SoHo that had very comfortable decor, with a bedrock waterfall next to our table. The night ended with a stop at Heartland Brewery for a beer or two. Overall, it was real chill but it felt to me like the beginning of the "Summer of Fun."

[ 10:16 PM ]
On a whole 'nother front. Dropped by Blue after the movie and basically watched some friends of friends puke and stumble all over the place. They had maybe 8-9 people and two cars but all the guys were fucked up and couldn't even come close to driving. The girls were a little bit better off but not sober by any measure. The one guy who seemed like he could drive turned out not to have a license. Makes me worry and wonder about the intelligence of drinking like crazy when you're the designated driver. Don't know if it's a function of being young and going nuts but when you're responsible for a carful of your friends, you gotta be...responsible. Craziness. Hope they all got home ok and safe.

[ 2:10 AM ]
Just saw A.I. All i can say was that it was the worst movie i've seen in quite awhile. I wasn't all that excited to see it (i wanted to watch The Fast and The Furious again) but i did want to eventually catch it some time down the road. Either way, i was expecting something pretty deep and entertaining considering the subject matter. The websites, the games, the movie poster...everything seemed geared toward a pretty impressive product. One worry i had was that Spielberg would take Kubrick's idea and make it super sappy.

Guess what AI was? Super sappy. And long. And horribly directed. It was definitelly interesting at times but Spielberg just dragged things on and on and then shifted gears between plot points so quickly that you were left lurching. By the end of the movie i was shaking my head just waiting for it to end. I can't believe that a great director like Spielberg could of made this movie. It's hard to imagine that this is the movie Kubrick envisioned. Jude Law and Haley Joel Osment were really good but the movie itself was just horrendous. It didn't go deep enough into any of the interesting issues and at the same time didn't provide a "fantasy" story to the full extent either. The best i could hope to say of this movie would be that it is a "modern fairy tale." But that's stretching it. The whole Pinocchio theme was bludgeoned in too. And i wont't even go into all the logical gaps involved in the design of the movie's "artificial intelligence". Anyhow...would be very very interested to hear from anyone who enjoyed the movie alot.

[ 2:04 AM ]
Friday, June 29 
I hate trying to make plans with some people. Like a decision is never evident and opinions are never offered. It's just, "what do you want to do?" And then silence.

[ 3:26 PM ]
Thursday, June 28 
I hate how PCs always break down. My computer is pretty new (september) but for some reason it always breaks down when i have Internet Explorer on. I'll shut down IE and then suddenly the rest of my computer will lose memory and shut down with it. Also, sometimes with IE i can't use it to open any internet pages. Computers suck. I have like 750 mHz and 256 RAM and i feel like it still messes up all the time. How annoying.

[ 9:36 PM ]
Wednesday, June 27 
I'm pretty excited because while we were at book club dinner (at this Caribbean/Soul Food place, Mekka), the NBA was having it's draft. My Celtics look like they got a great bunch with their three first round picks. Joe Johnson, Kedrick Brown and Joseph Forte (!!!). All three are great scorers and it looks like the Celtics will finally get some real players on board. I'm a little confused though because they play at spots where Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker already play (although i read a trade is very likely). No matter, talent it talent.

[ 9:14 PM ]
Tuesday, June 26 
Ok, i'm damn excited because i just got my own domain name: It's still in the process of going up but it's fun to have your own site. Because i was paying $15 a month for Michigan anyway, i decided that $15 a month could get me my own domain. I wanted but that was way gone and the other choices weren't too stunning so i took hyperwest even though some people thought it sounded like an airline company (northwest, southwest, hyperwest). Hyperwest is actually the name of this architecture book i have so i can't really take creative credit for the name.

[ 1:36 PM ]
Monday, June 25 
I've got a midterm in Social Psych that i have to go study for now. I'm curious if it'll be hard at all, so far the quizzes have been like high school level. Read through the chapter and get these ridiculously easy questions. Class starts at 8:15. I figure, 50 multiple choice questions...i'll be out at 8:35. That how ridiculous these "exams" are. But then again maybe i'll blow it and put myself in another academic downward spiral.

[ 3:22 PM ]
It's official. I've decided to stay in New York. While i still waver back and forth, the papers were signed today so now i'm stuck with the decision. I was Michigan only a few short days ago but now i'm New York. It was, i must say, a very difficult decision fraught with peaks and valleys and many looks over the shoulder. My heart wants to be in Michigan but when it comes down to it, the responsible thing to do is stay in New York. I was a little not too happy with the decision for a day but now that things are final, i've mentally adjusted to it. I think i will take a visit to school to play though. There are times when you want to do something as opposed to should do something. I always choose the want so this time i think i chose the should. Not necessarily maturity but just a settlement i guess. There are perhaps a myriad of reasons of why i flipped a 180 in twenty four hours but some of those aren't even clear to me so i can't exactly describe them point by point. Maybe later. So for now, come visit because i'll be here. Still.

[ 3:17 PM ]
Sunday, June 24 
I've decided that i will be using my I-Zone camera alot now. Since i've lost my regular camera and am reduced to using disposable cameras, i might as well get a kick out of having little sticker pictures of everything. I've looked on eBay and found cheap film so now i'm ready to document my life using little one-inch squares. I hope to get a Webster too so i can easily post some pictures up.

[ 3:53 PM ]
Saturday, June 23 
Watch "The Fast and the Furious". I never thought i would say that but it turned out to be a dope movie. Some bad acting and almost cliche-ish plotting aside, the movie was seriously an adrenaline pumper. I didn't go in expecting anything besides dope cars but i got that and so much more. The story was pretty decent and the cars were amazing. They got so many things right about the import scene and even had great shots of San Diego to top it all off. I was wearing a smile the whole time and the movie made me miss San Diego so much. The movie even made me wanna cheer at times (i never feel inclined to cheer). Watch it!

[ 2:28 AM ]
Friday, June 22 
My eyes are falling out. I've just been trying to reconfigure Andri and Mike's (whom i don't even actually know) bloggers but Dreamweaver was giving me fits. I am rather happy with the results of both though. I had to go back and nitpick at little things left and right and i still left this weird thin white line on the right side of Andri's but i've decided, "eh, fuck it, maybe later."

Also, i'm sitting here and i realize that i eat nothing. Its like i'm training to be a supermodel. Even though i played a good four hours of basketball, i've been running off of one cup of coffee, some tuna pasta salad, one Jamba Juice and a bit of spaghetti all day long. I think i need some more nourishment.

[ 2:46 AM ]
Thursday, June 21 
I still haven't made my decision because Lynn got an extension from Avalon Cove until Sunday. I had decided Michigan for sure because i talked to my advisor this morning but because we had an extension, i made a telephone appointment with the head honcho advisor for tomorrow morning. This basically means my final decision can wait a little bit (much to the annoyance of Lynn i'm sure). This additionally means that even though i had decided Michigan, i'm swaying back towards the middle again. Sometimes, being under the gun is just the easiest way to make a decision. But now, with all this time, i have to think too much. Bad.

[ 7:28 PM ]
I think my phone bill will be enormously high this month. In three weeks, i've shot through eighteen hours on my cell phone and that added with the regular long distance will put me into triple digits for sure. I have really missed talking on the phone for hours and hours though. This past month is really the only time i can think of recently that i've been on the phone for so long, and with so much consistency. Great for mental stability but bad for the checkbook.

It amazes me sometimes how time and time again i can run to Jennifer and then after a conversation, exit with a zen-like outlook on my life.

[ 2:57 AM ]
Wednesday, June 20 
I believe the decision has come down to Michigan. There are valid points for staying or for going but in the end, i think Michigan is where i would rather be. All this is contingent of course on my advisor giving the go ahead (i'm calling him tomorrow). I was swinging all day but as i was walking to class, it dawned on me how much happier i would be walking to class along the streets of Ann Arbor as opposed to New York. I can't really say that this is the final decision because i am still hesitant and a little afraid of making a mistake but given the time crunch here, i'm gonna have to take my chances that my gut is right.

This is how i make all my major decisions, i wait and wait until i can catch the moment when i know that this is the "right" decision. It's like when you flip a coin to decide between choice A and choice B. Confronted with two choices, you never know what you really want until you actually flip and then see the "A" decision sitting there. In your gut, you immediately know which was the one you really wanted.

[ 11:35 PM ]
Tuesday, June 19 
I've come no closer to making my decision even though time is really pressing right now. I sway back and forth more or less hourly. I've been occupying myself with revamping the funKtion page and doing some more blogger pages. I emailed my advisor but i'm afraid he won't get back to me in time. I also need to talk to Lynn about all this but i guess any of our talks are useless until i decide what to do.

I realized i'm really really backed up on emails to some people, Jill especially, and since i have all this free time (my teacher canceled class Wed and Thu) i should try to catch up.

[ 7:01 PM ]
Monday, June 18 
Ok, so i'm the midst of a huge dilemma. In the course of the next few days i must decide my future. Basically, my lease for my apartment is up in August but we have to tell them by this Thursday whether we intend to re-sign or not. They jacked up the prices $700 and with Hong moving out, that means me and Lynn will be each paying about $1300 a month. That's pretty hefty. So dilemma one is whether or not we should move into the city in search of a better (cheaper) place to live.

But the big dilemma is whether or not i'll even be here come August. I'm trying to finish school ASAP and i have about 24 credits left. After six credits done this summer, i'll have 18 left to do. I could do that all in Michigan in one grueling semester (although 18 is alot of work) and be done with it but that would entail Michigan's gargantuan tuition. If i stay at Baruch however, i would probably take longer since most of their classes are only 3 credits and that would leave me a few short, extending my degree completion for another semester. Basically, its coming down to whether i stay in New York or if i go to Michigan.

If i go to Michigan, chances are i'm done with New York because i can't envision myself ever being financial self-sufficient in the city. So that means after Michigan, i'm off to California. But New York hypothetically has better job opportunities for now while i take school. Michigan has more fun and more resources (as far as computer stuff) but is also more of a risk. Academically speaking, Michigan is suddenly the choice for finishing fastest but that could also come with caveats as in (a) if i don't get accepted for the upcoming semester or (b) i fall short of the 18 credits. Money wise, the rent i'm paying in New York will come close to offsetting the tuition bill, so that isn't a big concern.

As Katy told me, this issue might boil down to where i want to be in six months, California or New York. Of course i can come back to New York after Michigan but i don't know if i would do that. All this also would leave Lynn in a roommate/apartment lurch at a very late date. I have numerous stupid reasons for going/staying but i'm too embarassed to document them here. So what will i decide? I suddenly have to sacrifice one or the other. Michigan equals college again but New York is convenient and people are finally out here. AH! Life decisions involving sacrifice! I can't do that!

[ 5:37 PM ]
Sunday, June 17 
I'm poor and missing money. I'm trying to balance my financial situation and for some reason i can't figure out where a hundred dollars went. I'm trying to think way back to last week to see what i possibly spent money on but for the life of me i can't get it to balance. I'm hoping to find five nice twenties hidden away somewhere for me to find.

[ 6:40 PM ]
Just finished watching the Virgin Suicides which pretty much left me a bit confused. The movie itself was pretty interesting if a tad morbid. The best thing i can say about it was that it was numinous and the worst part is that the feel of the movie kind of drowned out the content. I'm gonna go and run to read the book because it seems like that would explain so much of what goes on in the movie. Apparently the book is brilliant so i'll have to reserve my opinions on the movie for after i read that.

[ 12:25 AM ]
Saturday, June 16 
Today was definitely a good day. Woke and went to the driving range to hit some golf balls with the roommates. My delicate thumbs are "this close" to getting huge blisters (reminding me why i used to be gay and wear two gloves) but it was pretty fun anyway. Then had Jamba Juice to top that off. Just returned from Cheesecake Factory all stuffed up with jambalaya. You know that spicy feeling that just builds and builds until your taste buds burst and you can't taste anything anymore yet you still keep on eating? I love that.

[ 10:00 PM ]
Friday, June 15 
A "cheap" Friday out:

Cosi's Sandwich: $8
Transportation: $4.50
Chevy's: $10
Tomb Raider: $9.50
Ice Cream and Drink: $3.50
Hanging out with friends: Priceless (or is it?)

[ 11:31 PM ]
I just got some old emails from George from freshman year. I think the first semester we used to email each other like everyday which is astounding considering half the time i have no idea what's going on with her now. One thing i do have is a picture of her and her boyfriend.

[ 12:47 PM ]
Ha, greatness immortalized on the net. My name was in a newspaper. Ha.

[ 12:22 AM ]
Thursday, June 14 
Just finished watching Traffic after a few hours of playing basketball. It's weird because even though i haven't smoked in a week, i felt more sluggish playing today than i do normally. Does this mean i need to smoke more?

[ 11:24 PM ]
At this particular moment in time, i'm sitting here waiting for my hair to finish dye-ing. I've can't remember having had non-dyed hair for such a long time so i've decided that for the summer i need a splash of color. I'm using Feria's "Deep Copper" so i'm hoping for a brownish-reddish tint. I remember i tried doing this once myself and left leopard spots everywhere so i'm hoping this time works out better. Wish me luck.

Then again, maybe it'll come out burgundy-ish so i can match these Diesel shoes i really want. I've decided i'm going to build my summer wardrobe from the feet up by getting these white/burgundy Diesel bowling shoes i saw in SoHo.

[ 2:31 PM ]
Wednesday, June 13 
Victor and Lou just came over after the Dave Matthews concert in Jersey.

[ 11:34 PM ]
Man, the Sixers suck. I would rather have anyone but the Lakers win but it looks like after Philly squandered away games 2 and 3, the Lakers are headed to another title. Damn Kobe. Damn Shaq. I'm surprised Rollen hasn't called to gloat yet.

[ 9:41 PM ]
So today i was supposed to go to class (Industrial Psychology) but again my professor was sick so i sat in front of the computer for hours and hours on end trying to create a new funKtion site. I also wanted to update my site by installing a blogger to use as a "what's new" section but that failed too. Basically, i got the redesign right for the funKtion site but now suddenly my templates and my links don't work.

Anyway, i ran off to my second class (Social Psychology), taught by a graduate student who is no more than 25 years old. She is pretty new i think and everyone is probably older than her in the class and she uses a lot of "um's" and "i think so's." Her quizzes are ridiculously easy and i can't figure out if in general that a lower institution like Baruch is just ridiculously easy or if it's because it's a summer session. Either way, the AC is turned up way high so that's one good thing about attending class. Plus, she lets us out about an hour early every day so it's not that bad.

[ 8:45 PM ]
Monday, June 11 
I'm not really sure why i spend such exorbitant amounts of time doing all this webpage stuff. I'm not getting skilled at it enough to actually land any jobs so basically i'm doing it for my own amusement in the hopes someone will enjoy it. Plus i get all nit-picky and stuff and really anal so that kind of annoys me too. Like i'll go back and fix the tiniest detail just because i can see that it's wrong.

On another note, talked to Angie tonite again in an attempt to figure things out. As usual, we didn't get very far. But we did watch Dogma so that was good.

[ 1:24 PM ]