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It's happened again. Just as I move to a city, Ameer moves away. A year ago, I shuttled up to the Bay and before he could take me to the Korean restaurant located in a garage, he jetted down to LA. Now, he's U-Hauling his way back to San Francisco and leaving me behind. It's not personal, he assures me.

In our short time here, we've managed to set up a nice routine of places to eat after work. The sticky rice noodles at Dragon, the boba at Little Bean, the late night standards, Asian Denny's and Carrows. And of course, the one burrito place up here that serves an acceptable carne asada. All of these places may never be the same. Then again, maybe I'll be getting a real room out of the whole deal.

The good news is that I (and we) can all follow along on Ameer's new adventure through the power of moblogging. I'm a little jealous that Ameer's moblog is about to get a thousand times more exciting. West Covina and Rowland Heights can't compare to the sights of the city. People come and go but with iPhone in hand, nobody is ever very far away.
(on living in san jose, too far away from san francisco)
"it's rough to be so close, and so far at the same time... i go see her weekly and there's a tingle in my spine from the bottom up to the back of my neck that gives me goose bumps and forces my hands to shake when i drive up the freeway and see the noble lights of the financial district buildings next to the lights of the bay bridge... i will prove my love to her, and we will be together one day."
-high entropy-

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