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"Everyone should have at least eight friends, one for each day of the week, and a spare in case someone gets sick."
-Attack of the Theater People-

I've been hanging out with Amit a lot over the past three weeks in New York. During this time I've paid attention and tried to pick up a few of the finer points of living a life that is Amit-esque -- which can be most easily summed up as a life lived with pleasure. There are many reasons I admire Amit but his je ne se quois flair and ability to infuse any situation with the right amount of sarcasm, positivity, and galaxial appropriateness is high on that list.

Something important I learned is that waiting is bad. I mean, I knew this before, but with Amit, waiting is the bane of his existence. Life is way too short to sit around waiting for things/people. Subway trains come sporadically every eleven or seventeen minutes? Local or express? Switch here or there? Screw it all and take a taxi. I was in the subway once this whole trip and while that may sound extravagant and wasteful, the extra money spent translated into being (mostly) on-time and a stress free travel experience. You can make money and with it you can buy time. You can't do the reverse.

Another example: the train to DC costs three times as much as the bus? No contest. Take the train for its ambiance and luxurious comfort. I learned this lesson the hard way. On the way back from DC, Victor and I's bus was late, cramped, and smelled like feet and cheese. The promised WiFi was nowhere to be found either. I don't want to get into socio-economics and prejudices but there's a reason certain people are on the bus and not the train. I deserve a little convenience in my silver years. Convenience good, waiting bad.

This credo extends out to social situations too. People struggling to make a decision, loitering on the curb, or unable to come to a consensus? Forge ahead like the brave explorers of yore and don't take a look over your shoulder. The best decision I made all weekend in DC was to jump (into a cab) when Amit jumped. I blindly followed where he led because it all made so much sense. Don't fear inactivity, embrace it. And then give it a pat on the back, let go quickly, and get the hell out of there.

A few other things I learned, which I'll summarize quickly in vague yet specific statements:
  • Celebrating for any reason is a good reason
  • Don't be afraid to encourage and disparage at the same time
  • Own your space
  • Always make friends with bartenders and doormen
  • Greet people like they're your best friend
  • A look can be worth ten times more than a comment
  • Prosecco is the grown up's 7-Up
  • Late to arrive and early to leave, makes a man (socially) healthy, wealthy, and wise
  • "Not pretty enough..."

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