The Jump Bar has the names of some of my friend's webpages. Go check them out. Below, i'm trying to compile a list of interesting web sites and applications. A "blogger" is basically a journal that is published to the web immediately. You can set up your own and then "blog" to it daily or whenever you feel like it. You can get a free server page or set it up on your current web space. This is a site Greg, Louis and I put up for our friends who graduated from Michigan over this past year. Find out about these wonderful girls and leave them a message. an interesting webzine that my friend Brian Babb writes for. Check out the MTV article about Babbs and Al Gore too. a downloadable dictionary/ thesaurus/ encyclopedia application. Hot. you can set up this site to call you any time you want. For wake up calls or appointments. a web site with movie and television reviews. lots of advance information and spoilers if you're into that sorta thing. the acronym stands for Internet Movie Database. It has tons of stuff including reviews and a great search engine for information about everyone in or having to do with the movies. You can also do a search for any line that appears in the movies. Dope.

Stephen Hawking- This site is basically an online collection of some of Stephen Hawking's lectures. He talks abouts physics and time and space and stuff like that. Really interesting if you're into that sort of thing. If names like "Does God Play Dice" and "Space and Time Warps" titillate you then check it out.

Duality- a star wars short movie made by two guys on G4s. If this doensn't knock your socks off i don't know what will. This is amazing! Looks as good as an original Industrial Light and Magic production. Also go see how they did it at along the same vein, a site for short movies and animations by people. The Killer Bean 2 is hilarious, as is Lego Chef (an Iron Chef spoof). this is a site, much like where you can find step-by-step instructions for doing anything. I stumbled onto it because i wanted to be a movie extra. But this site has everything you've ever wanted to know. Like the info if you wanted to be a model, or have a sex change. Check it out. This is only for people in LA. But if you want to see some FREE tv tapings or be an extra in movies, you can check out this site. I'm sure there's a better one out there but this is what i found. This is a good chess website with easy to digest courses that explain chess ideas in very simple language without all the normal chess notation and stuff. Another dope chess site with some FREE lessons (go to Courses and then scroll down to middle to see the FREE ones.) that feature audio/video lessons via RealPlayer. A great how-to-play chess lesson is offered too. Basically a DVD rental site where you pay $19.95 a month andget as many DVDs as you want. The catch is you can only have three out at a time so you are basically sending DVDs back and forth (with a pre-paid envelope though). Perhaps worth it though, although I believe Blockbuster has a 30 DVDs a month deal for $19.95 so that may be more convenient. If you have a homepage or whatever, you can go here and register it in all the search engines for free. This site also offers all sorts of other goodies for your website but i've never tried them

wunames- Basically you type in your first and last name and you get a "Wu-Name" like Optimistic Lyricist or Pre-Raphaelite Shaolin. Pretty funny actually.

fantasy sports- If you wanna play fantasy basketball or football (well, tell me first actually) for free, this site has a great website manager (anything Football/Baseball/Basketball Commissioner) that allows you to computerize every aspect of your league and to customize everything. Best of all, you also get an individualized website for each league you set up. Exciting eh? My basketball and football leagues.