Junior Year

By junior year, i had settled on a philosophy as a major after considering mass communications or psychology. I had come into Michigan hoping to make it into business school but that didn't happen. I had always been interested in philosophy and so that was the path i decided to take.

We lived in Carriage House junior and senior years, the three of us (Greg, Louis, me) plus Erick who was a fellow CCF freshman and really could of lived with us sophmore year if we had gotten a quad. Having an apartment was very nice because that meant no more dorm food (and just coming off of two years as a vegetarian, i could finally eat meat) and more chances to cook. We also had a much nicer (our TV went up to 27") and bigger place. I had a ball decorating the place and hung up posters left and right.

We had lots of CCF get-togethers at our place again and this time with more room, we sometimes crammed in like four guitars and two keyboards. It was nuts but it was tremendously fun. I learned to cook a little bit too and all first semester i was able to cook on a somewhat consistent basis.

Brian and Hong lived down the street from us and the girls (Leslie, Jong-Ju, Karina, Je-Yi) lived at Stockwell. All first semester I was basically either at home or at Brian's or at Stockwell. Some sidetrips to the library or Angell not withstanding, my life was pretty routine. I also worked at Rendezvous Cafe for a while.

I also met Caroline (who was the freshman sister of someone in CCF) first semester because she lived in Stockwell and ended up spending tons and tons of time hanging out with her.

First semester was all about planning for the Huaren show in February and the six of us didn't really know what we were doing and we stumbled around until November coming up with ideas. I remember at the first asian dance in the Union seeing Andri bouncing around and saying to Heather "get her to dance, she has rhythm." Eventually, Andri ended up coordinating a hip hop act which I was a part of.

While i was home for Thanksgiving, Greg and Louis threw a big Thanksgiving dinner for everyone and i got to see the pictures of all the turkey and food they laid out for the guests.




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