They Say Vision  

Tuesday, September 23 : 10:08 PM : 1 comments :

The rain is gone, I can see clearly now. I had my eyes checked out today and it turns out that I've been seeing blurry for quite some time now. I have a slight stigmatism in my right eye and my left prescription has been underpowered. Now I know why things turn fuzzy after being up and about for awhile. Usually when I put in my contacts there's an adjustment period before I can see totally clearly but now I realize it's not me, it's the equipment.

My mom loves to tell me to not fall asleep in my contacts because it'll ruin my eyes. "You only have one pair of eyes for your entire life, you have to take care of them." Of course, she says this about everything so I tend to ignore her. Maybe I shouldn't discount the advice of someone who was prudent enough to have two kids for the price of one...

If I had to rank the five senses in order of importance to me, it would go: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, Smell. Re-ordering that in order of what I think works best for me naturally, it would probably be: Touch, Smell, Taste, Hearing, Sight. Basically biologically I'm failing myself. Or maybe I only value the things I suck at. Like six years ago I had an ear cleaning at the doctor's and it pretty much changed my life. Maybe now that I have new contacts I should also clean out my ears, stop smoking to recover my sense of taste, and then I'll be a new me.

I'm hoping to buckle down over the next few weeks and get some writing and reading done. The biggest impediment to this -- aside from distractions -- is the need to eat once or twice a day. In order to combat that, I swung by Costco and purchased warehouse sized portions of essential foods. Sadly, those essential foods turned out to be clam chowder, chips and salsa, iced tea, brownie bites, cans of corn, and ice cream.

Sometimes I wish I could just take a pill with all the essential nutrients and vitamins you'd need for a balanced meal. Then I wouldn't have to go through the process of eating. Between the preparation, the actual eating, and the coma afterwards, it's a good couple of hours out of the day. Imagine if you could just pop a few pills, save that time, and only eat when you want to taste delicious things. Clearly, I don't live to eat, I just eat to live. Do you?

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